How to exclude something from the logfile

Asked in the gitter and someone thought I might exclude this with excluding the light component, but that didn’t help.
Does anyone know how I can exclude the polling of the HUE controller? Which happens every 2 seconds in my setup:

16-12-04 17:48:32 requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool: Starting new HTTP connection (1): 192.168.1.xx

You can set logging options and specify a higher level like critical:

Yeah I know about that.
Thing is, I want info for most, but for this one I only want critical.
Currently my logfile is 200mb. Which is too big. Takes too long to open and to go through etc.

Yeah, so just use the critical option the hue component. Example is shown in the link.

I tried these 2 but it still appears in the log:

default: info
homeassistant.components.light: error
homeassistant.components.hue: error

Anyone any idea? My logfile is about 200mb because of this.