How to find the cause of an action?

All four of my Brunt covers are closing at around 08:15 each day after having been correctly opened by an automation earlier in the morning. I can see the activity in History, but I can’t find anything in my automations file. Is there a way of tracking down where the trigger is coming from?

Would I be right to think that the trigger needs to be coming from HA due to seeing the activity in History, or could it be coming from elsewhere, ie a different app? I have deleted the Brunt app from my phone, so I doubt it could be from there.


Just to ensure: Have you checked the device info under /config/devices/dashboard ?

I have not - how would I do that? I don’t see /config/devices/dashboard under File Editor. Where should I be looking?

I’ve meant yourip:8123/config/devices/dashboard

Or under Settings → Devices & Services → Devices

Many thanks; this is super embarrassing as I now discover that I had set the curtains to close at SR+15 instead of SS+15. This now explains everything. :grinning: :cold_face:

Sorry for wasting your time, but at least I now know where to look in future!

No worries, this happens all day to all of us :slightly_smiling_face:

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