How to fix Energy dashboard after 2023.02.2 update

After updating to 2023.2.2 (and later also when I updated the OS to 9.5) my Energy graph instantaneously re-added the total days usage since midnight. This resulted in a large spike in the graph, but there is no issue with the underlying sensor (import.wh) - therefore I cannot correct this incorrect daily energy usage. I suspect this was caused by the 2023.2.2 update and happens every time I restart now as it happened again when I updated the OS to 9.5.

Edit: This seems to be across all my electricity graphs. My gas graph is not affected.
Edit2: I fixed the stats through the Dev tools (I didn’t understand that the Long Term Stats are different from the “sensor”).

Any idea how this can be fixed? How do I prevent this from happening again - the energy dashboard (and long term stats) have been rock solid since I stated monitoring power 5 months ago.

import.wh (import sensor correctly shows about 9,000Wh since midnight)

Energy graph (two large spiked when I restarted HA - it re-added the total usage since midnight each time)

Summary shows 23,000Wh imported due to the “re-addition” bug. However, the underlying import.wh sensor is correct and only shows about 9,000Wh).

I have the same issue
12000 kWh at 9pm. And I had to correct more than 50000 kWh today .
I did not make the relation ship with the 2023.1.2 but there is
Wait8ngbfor an urgent fix because it is very tiring to clean the LTS