How to fix erroneous data in utility sensor?

Im seeing a massive spike in one of my utility sensors that monitors my car mileage. see below.

I tried to remove using developer tools but its not showing the value?

Anyone have a clue how I can fix?

Where did you find that screen? I would like to fix some items as well -

Being an ex-DBA, I went straight for the database to carefully remove bad rows, but it’s not for the feint hearted:

I’d first try to understand the reason why the sensor produced data you believe is incorrect - it may be quite right, or flagging a problem you’ve not found yet (e.g. mine was a bad DS18b20 cable causing 85C readings occasionally which got worse until I looked harder…).

In developer tools > statistics

Humm I’m using HA in a docker container so I cant use that addon, Is there another option?

If you’ve got direct access to the VM, install and use the database tools directly.

I an running supervised in a container and still do have the Developer Tools → Statistics option. However, the sensor I want to look at is not even shown in the list (but does have a graphical history). The sensor is not a physical device but a template sensor in configurartion.yaml. Why wouldn’t that show up, especially since it has grphical data?