How to force numeric keypad to open?

Hi All,

I´m using HA on a wall mounted iPad.
For some switches I use the via HACS installed Restriction Card. That works fine so far.
Due to my security pins for these switches are numeric, I want that the ipad numeric keypad will open insted the full keyboard.

- card:
      entity: switch.3d_drucker_outlet
      icon: hass:power
      duration: 10
      state_color: true
        code: 1234
        text: 'Bitte Code eingeben:'
    type: custom:restriction-card
    row: true
    duration: 10

How to force iPad to open the numeric Keypad? Is there any way to let the ipad now that numeric input is expected? Is there any trick I can use? Something like: {num’1234’}

Maybe a JS pro can give an answer…


Been looking for the same thing… no luck yet on my end :frowning: