How to get Google Assistant to show me My Climate Entities

I have a number of Climate entities in my HA (running on i3 NUC)
I have a ZWAVE MS6 which is mounted in my stairwell. It gives me humidity, Light (LUX), and temperature as well as motion detection.
I also have a Pi Zero which I am using to monitor my swimming pool temperature using a DS18B20 and MQTT broker that HA hooks into.

I can view all this in HA

I would also like to be able to get google Assistant on my Google Nest Hub to tell me these if I ask but can’t quite get my head around how to do it so far so am looking for some guidance please.

What I have done so far…

I have grouped all the entities I want under “climate”

I have a Nabu casa subscription and climate shows. When I click on it it gives the entities I wan to have google assistant show when when I ask the NEST to show me climate it thinks it’s a switch and give me a switch icon to turn on.

Ideally I would like to ask google what the pool temperature is?

Can anyone give me some assistance in achieving this please.

30/10/20 I updated to HA 117.0

I am still struggling with this issue. When I click on “Manage Domains” I don’t see “climate”?

I my knowledge here is very limited.
When I read it implies that it’s all done automatically when you use Home Assistant Cloud.
If I read this guide it states that climate is an available domain.
Yet it see climate in my group as a switch???

Please help.

By chance this afternoon I came across the fact that Google Assistant only supports things that have an actions.
So in order to trick it I used the GENERIC THERMOSTAT platform.

# Pool Thermostat
  - platform: generic_thermostat
    name: PoolTemp
    heater: switch.salchlor
    target_sensor: sensor.pool_temperature

This tricks HA & therefore Google Assistant into thinking that the pool temperature sensor is a thermostat and has a switch that it can turn on give specific temperature ranges. The switch I have give in real but does not have a heater connected but an older chlorinator that I sometimes use.

However Climate is one of the managed domains for Nabu Casa and its now visible in the "Managed DomainsI"
And now I can ask Google Assistant what the pool temperature is.
Happy Days!!