How to get my energy data from Domoticz @ Odroid to H.A. running @ NAS Synology container?


I’m looking for integration advise as of home energy usage data.
As energy integrations are “hot” I guess this part of H.A. forum would be the best place to ask for ideas.

H.A. @ my home has integration with several devices e.g. Philips Hue (light integration) and Conbee II USB adapter (using Conz as integration to H.A.) for all kind of sensors and switches.

I’ve a P1-link from Energy meter to my Odroid running Domoticz. reason for this is I had unfortunately to buy Odroid as of shortage of powerfull Pi’s.
And i did not want to “root” my NAS to support an USB interface connectivity
This Odroid came from the shop with pre-installed Domoticz and energy meter integration (cable/software).
I can use the build in dashboard of Domoticz to read the energy meter data. It produces some nice graphs but i want to get this data into my H.A. which is my center of automation.

On my researching of “how to get this done” I read MQTT integrations on both ends (Domoticz and HA) but this looks like adding extra interface where as I think of there is a much smarter way.

The energy data on Domoticz is stored in Sql db so it think there must be another way to pull data from Domoticz / Odroid into H.A.

  • Would the DeConz - H.A.integration be able to help me here to get data from Domoticz ?
  • Will the H.A. “DSMR Slimme Meter” integration be of any use here?
  • Any idea’s from people that are already further on the road of H.A. than I’m currently ??