How to get picture entity to maximize on movement detection

I have 3 picture entities displaying 3 camera feeds in a grid card , what is the best/simple way of maximizing the image when motion is detected on the camera , the camera sends motion detection trigger via mqtt , I need this to maximize the appropriate camera image, on receipt of the message , is this something that can be done easily

I did this by adding some hidden views in lovelace rather than “maximizing” the view you have with multiple cams. ie:

  - title: Driveway
      path: driveway
      panel: true
      visible: false
        - type: picture-entity
          entity: camera.camera_driveway
          camera_view: live

When you get the mqtt signal from the camera, you have an automation that then sets the current url to that hidden view. https://xxxxx/lovelace/driveway.

Hi sounds good, so i created the views and have the mqtt working but i cant see how to use the url as the “action” do i need to create a weblink in the configuration.yaml file ?

So when I did this, I had it pop up on a tablet near my entryway that’s running fully kiosk browser. Obviously your use case probably won’t be the same. If you’re looking to open the url on a particular device I expect you’d have to have some kind of service running on that client device to listen for requests to open a url (otherwise how does HomeAssistant know what device to open it on).

that is what i was planning to do , I have a tablet in the garage and i want the camera feed to maximize on movement detection so i can see it without getting close to the tablet, surly the kiosk browser is not a requirement for this , my thought was when you suggested this was something along the line of creating a redirect to the hidden URL on trigger, still not sure how you would reset it back to normal after the incident ?