How to get tablet next to door to show camera on movement

What is the current best way to get the porch camera to show on the tablet?

There are definitely some other topics on this but over a year old – before the camera_stream component. I have a couple of freshly rooted Kindle Fire 7 tablets to mount on the wall.
Let’s assume I know how to setup the sensor or other events to fire on motion in NodeRed or in HA. (I have motion-eye firing mqtt messages on motion and can see it in node red.
Can anyone point me in a direction? I’ve hit a dead end.

I’m using MotionEye that triggers a script via a web hook to HA. The script just publishes MQTT to the topic that my tablet that is running Wall Panel is subscribed to. Works pretty good and I even manged to get it to play a little “ding” sound as part of the script.
I wasn’t able to get the camera stream component working with the cameras I have.

Thank you. Wall Panel was what I was looking for! While looking around since posting, I also found that FullyKioskBrowser has a REST Api.

Seems I can finally get this working! This (showing who’s at the door) is one of the features that I sold/convinced my wife on setting up so much of this HA stuff. :wink:

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