How to handle conflicting ISY scene states

My lights are mostly Insteon devices that I setup with the ISY. Long before HA and personal assistants I created my own convention for setting up these switches. Insteon switches can be linked together so when you turn one on, multiple switches can also turn on. Setting these up was a major pain. So I turned to ISY scenes to make things easier.

ISY scenes are software mapped. You create a group of lights, set the individual lights at a brightness value and ramp rate. I would then apply this scene to the individual lights so they would operate independently from the ISY unit. After that, I never touched the scene again. Until Alexa came around. After linking the ISY to Alexa I discovered that the scenes I had already created were perfect for using Alexa to control things.

With HA, I’m using the same concept. The only problem I’m having now is when scenes “step on” each other. I have two scenes for my living room. One is called “living room” which controls the overhead lights and stand lamps. I have another one called “movie lights” which controls the same exact lights, but at lower brightness. And here is the problem. I have a glance card and when I turn on movie lights, the icon for living room also turns on. In my mind, the living room is “on” when the spotlight is on at a certain brightness. And the movie lights are on when multiple devices are at a certain brightness.

Now I can easily create a binary sensor for each scene so they don’t interfere with each other. Is it possible in lovelace use a sensor as a device so taps will turn the scene on/off?

Have you ever figured this out? I’m also trying to wrap my head around this. Would be nice to hear your experience.

Create a binary sensor for each scene state you want to track. Eg, you have scene of lights A=72, B= 48, C=23. Create a binary sensor that returns true if:

  • 75 > A > 70
  • 50 > B > 45
  • 25 > C > 20