How to install Terminal & SSH on HA 2023?


I have been looking for a few hours to install the terminal & SSH add on.

It seems that on the Home Assistant 2023.1.0 version the add on is not available anymore.

I am looking for another way to install it.

This would allow me to install HACS without permission problem.

Could someone tell me how to do this?

Thanks :pray:t2:

What is your installation type?

There’s no mention of those not being available…


I have :
RPi 3 B
With HA 2023.1.0
Installed by cmde line (probably docker version).

Addons are not available except in HAOS and Supervised. (the intent is in container and core you are using the machine for other things and you would install your own containers for those things)


I started with HA a couple days.

I have reinstall it on supervisor type and it’s work perfectly.

I have already install HACS and on bonus my onboard bluetooth is was detected.