How to install third reality zig button properly?

anyone got this Third Reality zigbee doorbell/button?
i have zig2mqtt. this is what i see in the mqtt integration
there is no present state value! but when i press the button, i see do see something flickered by so quickly.
in Developer’s tab, i see nothing:

i have the sonoff zigbee usb stick working with zig2mqtt. what events should i listen to for troubleshooting or how to install this?

If you install MQTT Explorer or MQTTX you can watch the MQTT topic and see what the states are. You should be able to see these in the History Log as well.

which log should i look at? there are many

i tried zigbee2mqtt log but nothing there

So when I said History Log, I actually meant the Logbook. However, for Z2M I think if you turn on debug logging you might also see the changes there. Really though, I would get MQTT Explorer setup and take a look at the message so you can see what’s in them.

ok. i see now. i opened the MQTT settings integration. started listening to zigbee2mqtt/# and got all the info needed as you advised.

i found out there are, single, double and hold. hence my automation works great now. basically the button will act as a doorbell as seen here.

alias: alert back doorbell
description: ""
  - platform: state
      - sensor.door_bell_back_action
    to: single
  - platform: state
      - sensor.door_bell_back_action
    to: double
  - platform: state
      - sensor.door_bell_back_action
    to: hold
  - platform: state
      - sensor.door_bell_back_action
    to: release
condition: []
  - service: zwave_js.set_value
      command_class: "135"
      endpoint: "0"
      property: "100"
      property_key: "9"
      value: 50
      entity_id: sensor.keypad_v2_battery_level
  - service: notify.telegram
      message: back doorbell
mode: single

This is fairly standard for a zigbee2mqtt button like entitiy. “Action” is a momentary state for the device.

In ZHA, there likely would not be any entitiy at all, with only a ZHA_Event being fired.

Both z2m and ZHA should generally expose “single”, “double”, etc options in automations under the “device” trigger (but I despise device triggers).