How to integrate MLSC (byTobKra96) into HomeAssistant via AppDeamon

Hello Community,
I wanted to ask if someone can help me how I can integrate the “Music LED Strip Control” from TobKra96 (GitHub - TobKra96/music_led_strip_control: Audio visualization for LED strips in real-time with web interface on a raspberry pi.) into HomeAssistant via AppDeamon. So far I have little experience with HomeAssistant and AppDeamon. So please forgive if my concern should come across as very trivial :slight_smile:

I use the Hass OS on a Raspberry Pi 4 and the AppDeamon4 AddOn.

In addition, I have already configured AppDeamon so that the “Hello World” example already works.
So far I have integrated from the MLSC server folder under the AppDeamon apps. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to add the other necessary modules (/server/libs) as a folder.

Thank you for your help and effort!

I’m not familiar with this app but looks like it exposes a Rest API to send commands so look into that. That can be done using HA directly or by building an app in AD.