How to integrate remote GPIO in HA container?

I have got HA running in a Docker container.
HA seems to works normally except that switch for my remote GPIO never appears in the device list.

I have followed (Raspberry Pi Remote GPIO - Home Assistant )

My configuration yaml, ends with:

# GPIO Raspberry   
   - platform: remote_rpi_gpio
     host: rpi.local
       23: Relay_1
       24: Relay_2 

GPIO are working outside HA.
Logs show no error

In the HA documentation, I am not sure about this note and do not know how to use it:

Note that for virtual environments you may need to set an environment variable when starting the environment to set the pin factory, example:


Home Assistant 2022.11.4 Frontend 20221108.0 - latest
installed on a raspberry pi3 with Docker