How to integrate zigbee motion sensor discovered by Alexa Echo Hub

I have some Zigbee motion sensors that are not being discovered by HA when I click the “Include devices connected via Echo” checkbox in the Media Player custom component.

One set of sensors are Third Reality, another is ewelink, both require Zigbee hub or an Amazon Echo which I used “Alexa Discover Devices” and they added into Alexa without issue.

I then created Routines in Alexa using them. But I need to add them into HA now as the routines need some amendments that Alexa doesn’t do. The Alexa Media Player integration works great for other things, I’ve got it working in other automations and my Echo devices are discovered. But I only have these two things that are Zigbee, Alexa adds them, but HA isn’t picking them up under my entities or devices. They are listed as devices in Alexa though, it says they are connected via Third Reality but I didn’t connect any skills for Third Reality, the Echo hub features set it all up for me. So what now in HA?

Please bear with me, I’ve only been using HA for two weeks, so I’m probably one of those annoying people in over their head.

Hey, did you get it to work? I’m in the market for some sensors and the only hub i have is my echo 4th gen