How to interact with the "broker"?

I am pretty new to HA world, and a bit confused on what the actual capabilities are of this HA/

I understand that work as a “broker” between two entities - but how does these entities communicate, and is it only commercial entities, or can it also control custom projects (Wemos d1 mini)…

The most insane thing would be to have a google assistant via voice control my home-brew projects on or off?

I am general not sure on how I expose my stuff, such that can see them, and how I from a third entity can via Hass.Io controll a different entities?

How do i send a message to a broker and the how do i receive it?
How does this work with commercial Items, do they already support this or?

Are you talking about MQTT?

Your question is confusing as there is tons of documentation on the website about what components work with HA.

Home Assistant, and most home automation software, is much more than just a “broker”.

It’s not a perfect metaphor but home automation software is like a good concierge in a hotel. He or she is able to speak many languages and can communicate with customers from many countries. Ask the concierge to do something and he knows how to get the job done. The concierge knows what time to wake you up, order you a taxi, or remind you to bring an umbrella. The concierge knows how to do some things without your input and can do other things as per your instructions.

Control a home-brew switch using Google Assistant? Yes, Home Assistant can help you do that.

not sure on how I expose my stuff

Some networked devices report their presence on the network (the “network” can be Ethernet, zwave, zigbee, etc). Usually Home Assistant can discover these device automatically. For devices that cannot be discovered, you must manually enter information describing them.

How do i send a message to a broker and the how do i receive it?

In this community, no one refers to Home Assistant as a “broker”. When using the word broker, most people are referring to an MQTT broker.

I suggest you read through the introductory documentation, and watch a few tutorial videos, to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts and terminology.

How does this work with commercial Items, do they already support this or?

In the language of Home Assistant, a “platform” is the software that communicates/controls a specific brand/model of device. Home Assistant is an open-source project, in other words it is created by volunteers. Therefore platforms are also created by volunteers and not by device manufacturers.

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You need to set them up in the configuration file (or have HA auto discover them) to integrate them into the HA environment. Doing that sets up the appropriate communication protocols.

Both are possible depending on the platform. Not all commercial products have an integration yet and depending on what you are doing with your DIY stuff it may or may not work.

see the “components” page of the HA website for a list of things that are integrated now.

most likely doable.

see the “components” page. It will tell you what you need to do to set up your devices.

each entity communicates independently with HA. In that respect it is a “broker”. For example, say you have a sensor and a switch integrated into HA. Those two devices don’t talk directly to each other. they only talk to HA. The sensor sends it’s information to HA and the switch listens for commands from HA. That’s it.

How you actually use the info from the sensor or command to the switch is completely determined by what you want to accomplish. For example, You can use a humidity sensor to automatically turn on a switch that controls an exhaust fan if the humidity gets above a certain value. You do that by creating and running scripts and/or automations.

Again, see the “components” page for instructions.

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Just go through the documentation and all should become clear.