How to make a delay between automation presses

Hi, i have a tv lift that has a two step process, it raises then it tilts into the ceiling, i have a problem where people sometimes double press the automation trigger button which can cause the tv to tilt before it raises which causes it to hit the ceiling because it isn’t fully retracted. i can send a photo if needed. So the problem is that people accidentally double click or are impatient and it causes the automation to run twice consecutively which causes the crash. is there a way to make a delay in between uses for example if i click a button twice in a row the second one is voided because it hasn’t waited the full amount of time between presses? thoughts?

The simplest method is to add a delay to accommodate the time it takes to raise, and make sure the automation mode is set to single. This method is best for relatively short delays.

For longer “delay” intervals, a better option is to add a throttling condition that stops new trigger events from executing the automation’s actions based on when the actions were last executed:

  - condition: template
    value_template: '{{ now() > this.attributes.last_triggered | default(as_datetime(0),
      1) + timedelta(minutes = 5) }}'

that worked perfectly. thank you so much :slight_smile: