How to make emulation of device for integration it to third-party service

I have a device Tuya Garage Door Controller. In Tuya integration it works correctly, but reqires internet connection and has a long ping. Also I add this device in Yandex_Smart_Home to open and close my garage gates by voice commands to smart speaker Alice. Now I try to use localtuya integration what may control tuya devices without internet, but in result of localtuya integration i see two entities in HA (binary_sensor and switch) instead of one device. And i can’t integrate this two entities to Yandex_Smart_Home as one device. Only binary sensor and/or switch(cover/lock via helper). And now I find a method to express these two entities into one device for later integration to Yandex Smart Home as one device (gates). Also interest to make (virtual) device from some real diy ESP32 or ESP8266 sensors/switches.