How to manage my TRVs

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at which option would be best to set the temperature of Lidl TRVs

Right now, I’m doing it with home assistant and can change the temperature here, it works, it’s fine.

However, it’s not really “user friendly” and I would like to have some sort of panel in the main room at least so that I can set it “manually” from here.

I’ve been looking around and can fine Thermostat panels but that is supposed to replace a Thermostat; right? In my case, it is a central heating and I cannot do anything about it, all I can do it turn on or off each- radiator via the mentionned TRVs.

Any recommendation, ideas welcome as I’m a bit stuck here and don’t want to purchase something that would be useless.

Please let me know if the explanation is not clear enough, and of course excuse my english as I’m not a native speaker.