How to migrate from Alexa and several device families?

Hi Everyone,

I have recently installed HAOS and HA on a generic X86 machine. All is working. Web interface is fine.

Then I have installed ESPHOME and have that working with one ESP32 Devkit running and connected…

BUT: I have several things working now with Alexa:
KASA (Tp-link) ,devices controlled with phone KASA App and Alexa
TUYA devices controlled with SmartLife phone app and Alexa
SHELLY devices controlled with SHELLY phone app and Alexa,

HOW can I migrate all these things to run under HA and not directly under Alexa??

Can I leave the Alexa skills running or do I need to (somehow) delete them??

Any pointers and/or suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

Regards, Terry King
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You just need to add the integrations for those devices. Once you get those devices into HA, you can disable them in Alexa.
For Tuya, I would recommend the Local Tuya integration. Its available in HACS.

Yes, but it is not easy to migrate the Alexa voice controlled actions

Thanks ‘guys’… I didn’t try this yet; I got off on using ESPHOME to set up a ESP32 with temperature sensor which is the main thing I didn’t have a interface module for.
@woempiej I do not have actions set up in Alexa. I DO plan some automation in HA pretty soon.

Rioch, I need to figure out how to connect to HACS… I have not run things from command line yet… THANKS!

I’m very impressed with ESPHOME. I have done lots with Arduino and now ESP32 but this is an amazing and full featured system.

Regards, Terry

When you’re not using the Alexa voice commands then it is a good idea like Rich37804 says to install all the needed Add-ons/integrations starting with HACS.
When HASC is up and running you can start installing integrations like;

  1. Alexa Media Player
  2. Local Tuya

Home Assistant it self provides integrations for TP-Link and Shelly