How to move conbee

Hey guys,
I have HA running on vmbox and its running perfectly. I then saw the shiny blue HA box and decided to buy one. Obviously everything should be fairly straight forward to move across using backup. However the only thing I may have an issue with is the usb conbee 2. Any tips for moving it configuration wise? I have taken a backup of it.


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If you’re running with either ZHA, or with deCONZ as an add-on, then you don’t have to worry about it.

Take a snapshot, download it, and shut down the current host. Plug the ConBee into the new host (USB 2.0 port, not USB 3.0), start it, and restore your snapshot.

Thanks for that. I am running deconz add-on. I was pretty sure that during installation i had to find out the USB device name and put it in the config somewhere but can’t find it. HA blue looks like it only has USB 3.0 ports other than the one otg port

Hopefully you used the /dev/serial/... path and not /dev/tty.... If not how you solve that will depend on whether you’re using ZHA or deCONZ.

As for ports, that’s unfortunate since USB 3.0 causes interference with Zigbee. You can however attach it to a USB 2.0 extension cable (0.5m to 2m) and that should reduce the interference.

All done, worked easily as you said. I have the conbee 2 on an extension lead anyway. Currently using deconz and it found all the devices perfectly. Thanks

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