How to pass variables (to/from) Rhasspy to Home assistant via a INTENT

I am getting started with Home Assistant and I have Rhasspy Voice activatedintents working with Home assistant.

I am able to successfully send voice intents from Rhasspy to HA. I can also call a rest_command to POST a message via TTS to Rhasspy.

What I cannot seem to do these together in tandem. For instance:

Send via Rhasspy (“What is my External IP”) --> Invoke a API to find the External IP --> POST the response of the API call back to Rhasspy.

If anyone has a basic working example of this bi-directional payload “loop” it would be great. I am aware of REST Sensors but cannot seem to find a working example of this.

Not sure there is a loop. But when you call HA from the Rhasspy (as an intent or a event), you could just callback Rhasspy using the API ‘/api/text-to-speech’ See all the potential options

Thanks. I was able to use the following combination:

Rhasspy Intent --> HA Intent --> REST_COMMAND (HA) action --> Invoke TTS API

I can also pass variables via a sensor + Automation.

Ideally, i would want a full flow such as follows:

Voice Intent (with a variable passed) --> Invoke a REST “Sensor” using variable (POST) --> Obtain a response (GET) from the reply Payload --> Respond back to Rhasspy via TTS with the payload.

It seems HA allows for this all to work but was hoping for a working example example.