How to propose / implement enhancements to core components?


I have a meta question about proposing enhancements to core components.

Specifically, I’ve added dynamic adjust-ability to min / max for input_select. I would like to get my enhancements into the core.

I understand the mechanics of forking the repo and creating a Pull Request and I can handle writing documentation and updating unit tests. However, I am not so sure about how likely it is that such changes will be accepted by the core team. Before I go spend another 4-8 hours “productionizing” my code, I would like to know if there is a decent change of it being accepted.

So the questions:

  1. Is this forum the appropriate place for this discussion?
  2. If not, then where is better? Discord chat?
  3. Do people normally just propose a proof-of-concept Pull Request and then work on improving it in the PR or is it better to create the initial PR with something that is mostly complete?