How to read the history of a certain device

maybe this is a stupid question, but… I’m fairly new to HA and wondering how to read the popup’s and the history’s value of a sensor. In the popup of a sensor, the value is shown in a 5 minute interval, regardless if it changes or not (temperature for example, via zigbee).
If I click on the history, it shows much longer intervals without a new received datapoint - from time to time it’s even not refreshed in less than 60 minutes. This is also what the entity shows if integrated in a dashboard (‘50 minutes ago’).
What is the truth? Do I really sometimes get the temperature value only every 60 minutes?

Assume you have an Entities card with a sensor.
Tapping on a sensor shows a more-info popup window with a graph. It may be a REAL history graph or a statistics graph (depends on a “state_class” of the sensor).

Assume that you see a statistics graph. Since statistics is re-calculated every 5 minutes, you may not notice changes if you keep looking at the graph for some short time. (actually I am NOT sure that more-info with statistics graph is auto-updated, registered an issue)

Assume that you see a real History graph. Than you will see changes in the graph when the sensor changes (there is also an issue here - graph is “one change” delayed). Note that some small changes you may not notice (time span may be much larger than the latest update interval).

Please clarify, I do not understand what is “shown in a 5 minute interval”.

Assume some value is polled every 1 minute. If it stays same - than the last-changed label may show a long interval like “40 minutes ago”.

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I mean every 5min there is a datapoint in the popup graph.
In the history graph, there is only a datapoint if the data changed - it is shown as a step down or up

Do you mean that on a “popup graph” you see a chge every 5 minutes?
Post a screenshot of this “popup graph”.
And a screenshot of the “history graph” you mentioned.

How often does the sensor change?

Popup graph = graph shown when clicking on an entity card
History graph = shown when clicking on “show more” in mentioned popup.

The value changes differently, sometimes every 3 minutes, sometimes even only after 50 minutes. At least if I’m interpreting both graphs correctly

First - earlier I told about “popup graph” (a graph in more-info popup) that it could be a statistics graph (depends on a state_class). Are you sure that this is a history graph, not a statistics graph? Go to “dev tools->set state” and check if this entity has any “state_class” specified.

We may compare graphs only when they are both history (not statistics vs history).
Graph in more-info has some fixed “hours_to_show” (do not remember exactly if it is 24h or not).
To compare graphs you need to check three pictures:
– History page with defined starting/end points to reflect the last period (same as shown in more-info);
– more-info with a graph;
– history-graph card with same defined “hours_to_show”.

it is state_class: measurement

Means - the “popup graph” is NOT a real history graph, they cannot be compared.
There were plenty of complains about “wth a not-precise statistics graphs are displayed instead of an actual history”.