How to Recognize which assistant is listening and executing a vocal command?

Hi everybody,

I’m relatively new in using raspberry Pi and Home Assistant,but I’m good in copy and paste code here and there and making it work,so I’ve been able to set the google assistant integration and now i’m facing a new, particular problem wich is something that i can’t either imagine how to face:

my google speaker is in a room, which is lived by all the family(living room):when the last one leaves the room, sometimes they’ re used to say "ok google turn off all ". so , obviously even switches in other rooms and turned off

i’d be glad if the’re s a way to make the Google assistant integration understand where the command has been set from, to make a general command better set according to the context that could make it suppose what to do(for example, if set from the speaker, and it’s a general command like "turn off all " it should be about livingroom entrance and corridor, while "turn off all home " should be about the general command, “turn off all” set from the mobile (mine,in particular) should make it suppose that everything inmy room should be turned off .

dunno if i’ve been clear enough.

Unfortunately i didn’t find anything that could help me, so … i’f uve got any idea it’ would be appreciated :slight_smile:

thanks in advance!

Did you assign an area to the Google speaker?

Hi and thanks for the answer,checked again,i did it