How to reinstall from Hassio Docker to standard Hassio with add-ons

I have stalled HA through Docker. I realised that I am missing the great add-ons that are available in standard Hassio HA. How can I convert my current Docker HA version to the standard one?


Do a full ha snapshot of your system. Move the snapshot offline. Do a new installation of your chosen flavor. Add samba and copy your snapshot to the backup folder of your new installation. Do a wipe and restore. That should get you your ha setup in the new operating environment. I would also copy all my config files offline just in case. :grinning:

  1. Back up your entire config folder, including all the hidden files (those starting with .)
  2. Flash the Home Assistant image or follow the alternative install steps for Home Assistant.
  3. Copy your config folder over
  4. Reboot

I was running a Hassio Docker configuration and I have all my snapshot backups.
I reinstalled hassio on my raspberry (without docker) but when I restore my previous snapshot I have only a partial restoration.
Why this happen snapsot on Docker cannot be restored in hassio standard?
What can I do?

Try to restore it a second time. For me, restoring twice works normally.

Tryed to restore second time, only restored addon with their settings but not main configuration

Check your backup, especially the home assistant.tar.gz archive. It might miss essential files. This so a known issue under certain conditions that supposedly was fixed recently.

I manually open homeassistant.tar.gz inside backup file and copied folders and files in hassio config folder (using samba addon).
Restarted Hassio and this worked.
I think that there is an issue in automatic restoring procedure.
Thanks for help