How to remove a ghost entry "media_player.xxxxx"

I tried asking this question on the chat and did not receive any responses, so let me try here. If my question is not phrase correctly let me know. :smile:

I have 2 media entities. It is my living room TV. One is an older form of the name, the other I am guessing, it is the new way of building names. The old name is ’ media_player.great_room’ and the new name is ‘media_player.great_room_un48h6350’ It must be from discovery because I can not find any configurations.
I did find the ‘media_player.great_room_un48h6350’ in the core.entity_registry but not ‘media_player.great_room’.

Where is something like that (‘media_player.great_room’) stored?

Did you manually configure it using yaml?

Maybe once a long time ago. I use the “package” organization and I went through all of them. I think it was more of a discovery. The TV on the network is called “great_room”. I think it was discovered and they with some newer software rediscovered and the model was added.
As mentioned I can see the “great_room_un48h6350” in the .core.entity_registry.
It is like the original was orphaned somehow when the new one was added.
It has been a while since I upgraded and I was just going through the warning and error messages trying to clean them up. Just an OCD thing I guess.