How to remove custom component from HACS?

I try to unistall 2 customs components in HACS, but I got a error , it’s was unable to remove them. (I try anonther one without problem)
I delete the folder (and the hidden files) and I reboot HA.

The 2 components still appear in the list of HACS and I have these message:

No file found ‘custom_components/blueprint/manifest.json’

 21:01:50 – HACS (ERROR)
 Could not uninstall
 21:01:34 – HACS (ERROR)
 Missing domain
 21:01:34 – HACS (ERROR)
 custom-components/sensor.wifi-scanner - Repository is in the blacklist.
 21:01:01 – HACS (ERROR)
 You have custom-components/sensor.wifi-scanner installed with HACS this repository has been removed, please consider removing it. Removal reason (removed)
 21:00:53 – HACS (WARNING)

How can I remove them from the list of HACS?

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You did it the wrong way. First you delete from hacs, then you delete the files from your custom_components folder. Switching the sequence is asking die problems.

I try many times to delete them from hacs, but nothing happen.
I try to restore a backup on a fresh install without “local add-ons”, but they still there.
The only way i see it’s uninstall hacs, delete all the custom_components folder and reinstall it. that will work?

local add-ons are something totally different from custom components.