How to remove the picture of HA’s owner?


When I go to configuration, person and click on my name, I can’t remove the picture. I can change it to use anoher picture but for now I want it removed. Anyone out there who knows how to do that? I can press the x and press update but that does not work.

It does work for other users, but not for the owner of HA.

I have exactly the same issues. @Gerard_van_Hamburg did you manage to solve this?

Hi Marius,

It is not solved but I just forgot about it.

You should just be able to delete the picture by going to configuration>people, then select the person, and there is an “x” to the right of the picture.


Deleted Picture:-

@Coolie1101 As @Gerard_van_Hamburg mentioned in his initial post, this doesn’t work for the owner.

@Gerard_van_Hamburg Sorry for reminding you :slight_smile:. I am still in the phase that this is bothering.

No problem of course!

My mistake, maybe I’m missing something here, I’m the only user on my system, and if I look at configuration>users, and select my name it only show’s the ID, Username, Owner and the Display name with no picture, and under people is the screenshot as in my previous post.