How to rename entity, not only friendly name

Ho to rename entity

for example, instead cover.d2krh4tu4yfnj it will be cover.living_room?

Friendly name is not rename…

Configuration - Entity Registry

can i create file with all names ? like customize.yaml?

Not really, the entity registry shoud not be edited manually, it’s done in the UI.

But each fresh install i will need to rename it again…

no it’s persistent

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where it saved? like after fresh install?

/.storage/core.entity_registry I think or one of the other core files in there. If you do decide to edit that manually then make sure you stop home assistant first and don’t break the JSON formatting.

When changing the id, are all references updated as well (e.g. in Automations)?

Nope. You’ll need to update those manually.

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