How to reset user from API password

A few releases ago, HA went to the new authorisation method. Thinking I could always move back from the normal API password, I didn’t really pay attention to what I filled in.

Now I wanted to create a user but apparently the API password login doesn’t have the right permissions. Is there any way to reset this?

Not sure, but I think this is not possible under hassio/hassos. Currently I can only access those folders from HA. If I shut it off, how can I modify those?

OK here is how I did it. I had the samba add-on configured. With this one I removed all the auth stuff from the .storage folder (there was a totp file as well which wasn’t mentioned).

Just restarting HA didn’t work so I just unplugged my rpi just after removing those files. That did the trick.

There’s no option to do it from the UI?