How to revert light (for instance) to valid state for current time?

I’ve struggled knowing how best to describe my query, so apologies for clumsy wording…

Here’s an example situation:

I have a lamp in my hall just outside my cinema room, which activates at dusk and goes off at about midnight every day. The door between these rooms is left open when we watch a film to allow our dogs to wander as they please, so the hall lamp needs to be turned off for a completely darkened cinema room.

I have a “watch movie” scene which as well as turning of lights in the cinema room, also turns off my hall lamp. After watching the movie, I have another scene for turning on cinema lights at a gentle level, and I’d like it to “revert” the state of the hall lamp. I can’t simply turn it back on, as the daily “turn off” time for it may have passed. I can’t save a scene at “watch movie” time for the same reason. Do I need to replace the “after movie” scene with an automation that checks the time vs. the hall lamp turn on and turn off times to decide what to do with it, or is there a more elegant option?

Maybe it could be easier if you post the two automations.

Thanks. I don’t actually have any HA automations for this at the moment (though I probably will need them to solve this!). My hall light is on a Z-Wave smart socket, turned on (dusk) and off (midnight) by a Vera schedule. I have the Vera integration, so HA is aware of the state and able to control it itself. I am in the process of migrating everything from my old Vera box to HA, but the the automation will be a super simple turn on at this time, and turn off at this time one. I could certainly have an “film finished” automation that checked the time and turned the hall light on or not depending on it, but I was posting here to see if there was a more elegant/generic solution for this type of situation…