How to run 2 custom scripts at once?

Am running HASOS 2023.11.2

I’m sure this is simple but its kicking my butt. I have custom scripts for IR commands to 2 different global cache repeaters. One for my amp, another for my TV. I want 2 separate buttons for “all off” and “all on”.

The individual scripts work. Can assign each to a button and are all good. But, when I create a scene, assign both entities to it, assign the scene to a button, it doesn’t work.

I can run them individually under the entity settings, in the scene menu, and they work.
when I activate the actual scene, it does not work.

Any ideas? is there a better way?

You can not send IR commands simultaneously. The signals will pollute each other.

What!!! Thank you. That worked.
I deleted the scene, created an automation, and it works.