How to scrape from a site that is using javascript?

I’m trying to scrape out the dates for when the trash is getting picked up from
Here you have to write your adress. Using Nerøyvegen as an expample.
When I inspect the element I see that it says “man. 13. feb”

But how do I scrape this using this []( Scrape ANY Data from ANY website in Home Assistant - TUTORIAL) guide?

Might be q little advanced but if the data is loaded after page load, it means it is making additional calls to additional endpoints which in return the actual data of the schedule.

You can find it on network tab of google chrome inspector and directly scrape data from these endpoints.

Thanks. This will be a steep learning curve for me as I’m not educated in this.

Found the endpoints under network tab.

What is the next thing I have to do to get that data into Home Assistant sensor?