How to set up sensor as web eventource on ESPhome?

Hello. I have web server on one esphome sending eventsource as

event: state
data: {"id":"sensor-predicted_wind","state":"6.2","value":6.21}

or by (without server push, not preferred) calling
I receive {"id":"sensor-predicted_wind","state":"6.2","value":6.21}

How do I need to set http_request on another esphome so it receives value 6.21 as local sensor state? I would like it to have its own little brain to combine it with another local sensors and control switch completely without Home Assistant.

Thanks, Jan

Thanks but I am not that expert on http get. I thought it is one-time call only. Are you implying that it can also keep the port open forever and return changed values as soon as the server publishes it? What action is then triggeed everytime server sends new value? on_response: ? I am not sure because decumentation says this response is triggered once request is finished. Once.