How to show the automatic lovelace/default_view dashboard in sidebar if it is not the default?

I want to set a non default lovelace dashboard but I also need access to the automatic dashboard at
The issue is: only this automatic dashboards contains all new items if something changes.
I tried to add a dashboard which is not managed by me but should automatically managed by hassio, but it dosn’t detect new items. I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature.

The easiest way would to enable “show in sidebar” for the automatic dashboard. But this is not possible in the UI.

I can’t also fine an entry in

I don’t understand this “feature” to not allow the automatic dashboard to “show in sidebar” if it is not the default. This is some kind of “the program cares about the user” which I don’t like at all. If I am able to configure the hassio configuration why I can’t decide which dashboard to show?

What should or could I do to get the automatic dashboard shown in the sidebar?

I want to know too

I just created a new dashboard. It added to the sidebar no problem and included all my entities. Clicking on the 3 dots icon it asked me if I wanted to take control. So it is definitely in “auto generated” mode.


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This is also what I did, but this automatic dashboard is not updated the same way as the original automatic dashboard. it should be in “auto generated” mode, but it isn’t.

But I will try again. Maybe now it works.

I just created a new script. Reloaded scripts and went to my Automatic view. The new script was there.

OK, hope this will also work with my new automatic dashboard