How to start Home Assistant after switching off?

Had Home Assistant running well for a few days (after installing via on my Raspberry Pi).

Then after introducing secrets for my sensitive keys, enabling api_password and restarting from Configuration > General I was getting a config error notice on the dashboard.

After reading that a restart didn’t suffice for this change (Home Assistant needed to be stopped then started) I stopped Home Assistant from Configuration > General and now I can’t access the Pi to start Home Assistant again!

I do not have the SSH plugin installed, but I assume I still need to SSH in to the Raspberry Pi somehow to be able to start up Home Assistant again?

To be able to ssh into Resinos you must configure access, the only thing I can think of now is just powercycle the RaspberryPi. Hopefully it will start, because a config error can prevent Hassio from starting.
If you configured Samba you may be able to correct your configuration.

Thanks @pjeterinfo. I don’t have Samba configured either unfortunately.

I’ve tried unplugging/plugging back in power to the Raspberry Pi but that doesn’t seem to start Home Assistant, is it supposed to?

I guess yeah a config error may be preventing the start. However I previously restarted with this config a few times no problem, I just got an alert on the dashboard. My belief that the config was correct is what led me to switching Home Assistant off.

@Alec , do you know what the error on the dashboard was? Maybe it is easiest to reinstall a fresh Hassio, install samba and ssh first. Then you could save snapshots as backups.

Dashboard just told me to check my config since there was an issue. I assumed there would be an easier way to get back up and running but it appears not. Have re-flashed SD card, thanks!