How to tell HomeAssistant I am on vacations?

I have several automations that should be active only if I am away from home for a long time (i. e. on vacations).

Is it possible to have a slider or some button on dashboard, to enable them all at once (i.e. by pressing this slider, I tell HA that I am on vacations and these automations should be enabled)?

You can use an input_boolean for that.

I automate that with proximity, turning mine on when I’m far enough away for long enough.

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I use the Google calendar integration and drive a calendar sensor for ‘vacation mode’

If there’s a calendar entry in the specific calendar they has the subject ‘vacation’ then the sensor is on.

All of my relevant automations check the status of that sensor when they run and modify behavior appropriately.

I just have a script which turns on the desired automations, and another which turns them off. I could create a button on a Dashboard view somewhere, but frankly I don’t want to waste the screen real estate. For the number of times I go away, it’s not really hard to just go into Settings / Automations and Scenes / Scripts and tap the > button.

If your life is more structured than mine, the calendar integration idea @NathanCu mentioned is pretty clever.

Self preservation, and Spouse Acceptance Factor, Tom.

This way she just had to put the vacation in the family calendar (something she did already) then the House ‘just works’

The first time the morning automation auto adjued two hours later without her having to ask me to do anything was nothing short of magical.

‘I thought your stupid house stuff was going to wake me up but it doesn’t’

No dear, it’s because you told it tomorrow was a vacation day and it knows not to wake you up on vacation… (btw that’s how you get your spouse on board with home automation - it just works)


I use node red and have a homeassistant helper “holiday”

I use a combination of some of the above: A Google calendar to which I add vacations, for which there’s an automation to set an input boolean. This also allows me to manually override the state if necessary. In some cases I turn automations on and off when the state of the helper changes, and in other cases there will be conditions that check the state of the input boolean helper. Using the helper also means the mechanisms are decoupled so I can turn it on or off in more ways, if ever I would want to.


I just use a input_boolean and I’ve added that as a condition to any automations that should only run when I’m on vacation, or not run run when I’m on vacation… A calendar entry seems less flexible than a simple toggle. I can turn it on/off at will based on when I want it to take place. Having to deal with times on a calendar entry to manage when it goes on/off seems like a lot of work to manage.

On our recent vacation we were delayed getting back home and I was able to turn off the vacation mode an hour before we arrived home so everything was working as it should including a cooled down home.

Thanks guys. That is how I solved my problem. I added input_boolean called “I am away” and for my automations I have added a condition that this should be on.

So if I am going to vacations, or unplanned longer trip or for some any other unplanned reason, I just switch this slider and that is it.