How to transition from HomeKit?

I have a moderate number of devices set up in HomeKit, but have run into some limitations with automations. I’ve installed HA on a RPi3 and gone through the basic configuration steps. It discovered a few of my devices, mainly Apple TVs and HomePods (which it thinks are Apple TVs?), but I haven’t added any of them yet. It doesn’t see any of my Nanoleaf bulbs or my Aqara FP2 presence sensor, which are the main devices I’m currently trying to automate in a more complex fashion that HomeKit allows. I’ve read enough about the HomeKit Device integration to be a bit trepidatious about starting to add things to HA through this method as the instructions say they have to be removed from the Home App. As such, I don’t want to do too much and break everything, but know I need to break enough to get enough devices in HA to really start trying it out. I guess my biggest question is how to integrate devices? It seems most can be added through numerous integrations. What’s the best way to add one of my Nanoleaf bulbs (currently paired to HK via matter) and the FP2 sensor (ditto)? Any other advice?


I’m only ‘into’ HA with the Green for 2 weeks or so. I managed so far to get the HomeKit Device integration to link to Starling/Google hub, so I can see/manage the 7 Nests for various rooms with elec. baseboard heaters.

The HomeKit Bridge integration feeds whatever HA oversees into HK rather seamlessly. I have the Hue integration providing HA it’s lights and accessories, works fine for my needs (barely any configurations, no automations), also feeds those devices into HK.

I suppose I could leave HomeKit behind, but it’s a family front end favorite. I haven’t had any other HK ready devices to integrate, but so far so good.

Go slow, if you got it in you [g]. I went too fast, got excited with integrations that were discovered that I didn’t need (not while getting broken in, anyways). Just when I thought I had it all arranged automated like I had (Hubitat), Zigbee started giving issue. Got rid of the Sonos, Synology, and Ford integrations and it’s been looking stable again.

I haven’t touched the HomePod or AppleTV integrations, can’t see a need immediately, and there’s so much more to absorb and digest before that.

For whatever that’s worth.
It’s either a chore, or an adventure. :upside_down_face:

I think it’s an adventure for me and a chore for my wife.

Thanks for sharing your tale. I’ll probably just jump in with one bulb and the sensor and see if I can get them working and go from there.