How to unpair Aqara sensor from Conbee II and re-pair with Aqara smart plug

I used deConz to pair an Aqara temperature and humidity sensor with a Conbee II and everything worked fine until I moved the Aqara sensor to the basement; now the sensor’s connection to the Conbee II drops frequently.

I have an Aqara smart plug that could be used as a repeater, but I can’t seem to connect the sensor to it. I’ve held the button on the sensor for 5 seconds until the blue light blinks several times, but deConz always shows that the sensor connects back to the Conbee. This happens even when I have the sensor very close to the smart plug.

Any suggestions for unpairing/re-pairing to the smart plug?

as far as i know, sensor will always connect to conbee first, once the sensor and smart plug are both connected with conbee, then move the sensor further way, and see what happens.

If you power down the Zigbee mesh ie. the stick for 20 minutes all devices will go into panic mode, this will then increase the speed for rebuilding the mesh. You might be forced to wake battery powered devices manually when rebuilding though.

I had something similar with my new conbee II stick not being able to pair a sensor which used to be attached to a different conbee stick. I tried a few things, but in the end removing the power did the deed.

The trick was to remove the device from the first conbee config, then remove the power (eg; the batteries) from the sensor device, and only then to re-pair it with the new conbee stick. Worked sweetly. Maybe this will help someone with the same issue in future.