How to update an integration with a bug fix I made

I submitted a pull request to a library used for the lutron_caseta integration, but I have no idea how to actually deploy my fix to my raspberry pi running hassio.

I tried putting the pylutron_caseta package in /config/custom_components/, but that didn’t work. How can I deploy my fix to my own system? I wasn’t able to find anything else that helped in my extensive searching of the documentation here.


If you copy the whole Lutron component folder and place it in custom components it should use that instead… is it named exactly the same?

Do you mind sharing what your fix does?

Yes it is exactly the same. I’ll try that. Thanks!

There is the link to the fix. There is a certain class of picos that add scenes without all of the attributes that the Lutron library expects.

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Thank you, that worked. I wasn’t sure if I could put pylutron_caseta (the dependency) in that directory as well, so I added it as a subpackage to the existing lutron_caseta component (and tweaked the import statements to import from .pylutron_caseta instead of pylutron_caseta.

I also edited the component name to be lutron_caseta_custom (and updated the file to make the same change) just to be safe. I have no idea whether or not the custom component would have overridden the built-in one, so I made sure the names didn’t collide anyway.