How to update firmware (and more so this!)

As above…only been using this for a few weeks so be gentle please…

Ive got a few bulbs that are playing up (they keep disconnecting) - so first and foremost how do you source firmware for this kind of stuff… heres what HA makes of it…

Device info


by Aurora

Connected via Zigbee Coordinator
Firmware: 0x11080002
Zigbee info
IEEE: 00:15:8d:00:02:f5:77:00
Nwk: 0x0141
Device Type: Router
LQI: 255
RSSI: -82
Last Seen: 2022-12-18T16:02:50
Power Source: Mains

These are made by aurora. Althought i cant find an exact match on their site but its a tuneable white one, candle shaped with the small screw fix, fitting…

Wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction.


Please see the above documentation about how to update the firmware for your devices.

Ok - skimming through that doesnt really mean much to me…playing devils advocate…assuming i could make it through adding some extra lines to a script file…how do i know the source of the firmware files themselves…Aurora has now abandoned the platform as such so im thinking they hold and develop the firmware??

Not certain if this is the correct Aurora LED site, but sharing it anyway.

Link obtained from and hovering over Software.

Hi - no - not the same (but thanks for taking the time out to look)…heres the device…

Heres the manufacturuer…

I did go youtubing for some sort of walk through but i cant find one…maybe im asking wrong as theres nothing that i can see…

As i say any sort of firmware update is going to need a. The firmware and b. a source of finding said firmware and maybe c. some sort of way of getting the firmware onto the bulb/device…