How to Update State Names?

I’m brand new to HA and am using a wink hub. The wink component easily brought in all my wink-connected devices. However, all the states are either on/off. For doors and windows, I’d prefer that to read open/closed; for motion sensors motion/no motion. I also have a gocontrol-branded linear strobe/siren that has multiple modes but only reports on/off. So, my questions:

  1. How do I permanently change the state display names?
  2. For the strobe/siren, which imports through the wink component as a switch, how do I teach HA to recognize its six states: strobe on, strobe off, siren on, siren off, strobe and siren on, strobe and siren off?

I know I can change state names under dev tools set states and through the rest api, but that resets with an HA reset. I’d like these changes to be permanent.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

You can to some customization but not the state name.

Well, this would require changes in the code, I assume. I suggest that you open a feature request