How to upgrade the node red integration?

My log is showing errors that the node red add-on will stop working in 2021.6 because the developer has not added version to the manifest file. The solution suggested by the log file is to notify the developer. I tried that by making a bug report and the bug report was immediately closed stating that this is already fixed. If so, that means I don’t have the most recent version. However I already upgraded the add-on to the most recent version. And the integration has no user interface at all as it tells you to simply use the add-on. Nowhere in supervisor or in the integrations panel is there any indication that this is not already at the most recent version. So how do I upgrade this?
I’m running this on Hass OS, so any manual intervention through the command line is unlikely to be possible. What is the official way to fix this?

Integrations and add-ons are different. That custom component is what you need to update - likely following the same steps you originally followed to install it.

I clicked configuration -> integrations -> add integration -> node-red

Doing that once the integration is installed shows ”aborted”

Ok, I figured it out. I had to manually upload every file from the github page to the correct directory on Hass OS using the file manager add-on, and then restart Home Assistant.

What a very 1990’s upgrade experience! Is there really no consideration at all for upgrade methods for integrations? what other prehistoric integrations might I still have lurking, and is there even any way to check?

Don’t you use HACS? if not, then I encourage you to do so.
It helps with installation and tracks updates of additions which support HACS. Since that it’s only about clicking in GUI.

I thought I was. I mean, I installed node red add-on from “home assistant community add-ons”

No, you installed node red alone.
I know it’s missleading to newcomers. Manuals while describe step by step guidelines, don’t provide enough explanTion what is what.
There are several parts playing a role when you want to use NR.

NR community add-on - it just installs Node Red to HA operating system. It is fully functional, as any other NR installation, for example you can connect mqtt, scrap web pages, do automations. You can even control devices like Hue or tuya or wifi devices if you add needed NR modules to NR (NR is really expandable).
What is missing is an integration with HA in order to listen to HA events, control HA entities and so on.

To achieve full integration you have to

  1. install so called custom component. it can be done manually copying files, or with use of HACS.
  2. have added home-assistant-websocket extension module inside NR.

Once custom integration is installed you have to make sure 2 more things are installed:

  • NodeRed integration in Configuration/Integrations - if not, use Add button on that page
  • home-assistant-websocket extension to NR - if not, it’s available in NodeRed pallete (see options inside NR). I believe it’s by defailt installed already

Well, I don’t see HACS in either the add-ons, or the integrations. So I just googled it, and I’m afraid I have to laugh.

Your solution to my complaint of having to manually copy files to upgrade node-red, is that instead, I should install an integration that requires me to install the SSH add-on, SSH in, and pipe a wget to bash to manually install. Then add the integration, and then create a github oauth token, all before I even start?

That’s supposed to be easier?

yes, it went through my mind…,
indeed, HACS installation must be done manually, similar way you attempted to install NR custom component

If you consider NR custom component to be the only extention you add to HA, then using HACS indeed makes no sense.
But I ensure you, you will install more since most usefull extensions come from community thus are installable with HACS.

Ahh HACS takes care about future updates of components installed with it. So maybe it’s worth even the single component.

BTW all this hassle is because HassOs is the closed ecosystem with removed ability to install anything on OS level.
There are different methods to install HA (ie supervised) but because of the fact above, nobody provides HA extenstions in form of OS supported installers

At the moment I have moved almost all my automations to native home assistant already. I only have one left in node red and it is simply a workaround for the fact that Z-wave JS is still broken in relation to my thermostat. My hope is to simply uninstall node-red in the near future and be done with this mess.