How to use different thermometer as "source" for ecobee thermostat? (Official or HomeKit)

I have an ecobee thermostat, an ecobee smart sensor and a bunch of wifi thermometers around the house, all linked up with Home Assistant.

What I’d like is this: When I’m sleeping, I want to hold a certain temperature in my bedroom, ignoring the main floor temperature. In other words… right now, the ecobee thermostat is always the “source”, if I set 22C as the temperature I want for example, the target temperature is checked from the main ecobee thermostat.

I usually decrease the temperature of the house at night using a few automations in HA, but if it gets too cold in the bedroom (yet it stays above my target temp on the main floor), the heating won’t turn on because the ecobee thermostat doesn’t care about the bedroom temperature right now. What I’ve been doing is guesswork, in the summer I would set the ecobee to go down to 19C or 18C, which would give me ~20C in the bedroom which is what I wanted. However as it’s getting colder lately, it seems that the bedroom goes down to 19 or 18, while the main floor is still at 20.5 so I’ll need to adjust my stuff. But I was thinking, wouldn’t this be way better and neater if at night, I somehow got HA to tell my thermostat to completely ignore its current temperature (the main floor), and use the bedroom temperature to decide when to heat or cool?

I actually think Ecobee’s smart stuff is supposed to do this by default with their smart sensor, but I disabled all that as I use HA to do all of the automation and presence detection stuff etc.

I think this would be fairly easy to do with the generic thermostat integration, but can I do anything with either the official ecobee integration or the HomeKit ecobee intergration? I have both set up, I use the HomeKit one for small adjustments as it’s super fast but the official ecobee one to do stuff the HomeKit doesn’t support, like change climate preset etc.

Thank you for any ideas!!!

Did you ever ever figure out how to do this?!? Just installed an ecobee and I would love to use the temperature sensors I already have linked to HA

I did not :frowning: I haven’t tried for a few months though, and I suppose I could create a “dummy” thermostat using the generic thermostat and do it that way… But I’m really not sure. I’ll update here If I find anything, let me know if you do too!

Thanks. Will do

Any update on this yet? Im looking to do the same thing, I’ve got 8 ecobee sensors but also 8 more zigbee sensors I’d like to use them all to determine a more accurate temperature