How to use DuckDNS I have a Non routable public IP

I have Nonroutable public IP so I can’t use Duckdns on hassio ,but my ISP gives me a routable privet IP with a couple of open port.Now I access hassio outside my network with out SSL encryption ,
how can i use DuckDNS addon in hassio

Use nabu-casa’s remote-UI or a webhook relay service. Both cost about $5 a month and have free trials.

Nabu-casa funds HA development though so if you are going to pay that would indirectly get you (and everyone) a better deal.

Also the nabu casa remote access is very slick. No port forwarding required.

is there is any other way to get SSL certificate

IPv6 will usually be routable if your provider supplies that.
What are you trying to do over the link? You could use ZeroTier One if you just want a secure connection to HA (but not ssl)

My ISP block port 80 and 443 due to security reasons, so I cant use lets encrypt also my public IP is unroutable so I cant use duckdns. my ISP gives me a static routable privet IP but duckdns cant access that privet IP
I also try the webhook relay service but it not working I think its due to the blocked port 443

The duckdns addon doesn’t require any ports opened as it uses the DNS challenge… have you tried that? If you have a static routable IP why can’t duckdns use it?

I have non-routable dynamic public IP ,due to that my ISP give me a Privet static routable IP with a couple of port open .when i start my duckdns addon in hassio it update my non-routable dynamic public IP

Ok. Hmm. Never heard of that before. I wonder if you can’t use a reverse proxy like Caddy. You can come in to your system on an open port and then proxy to internal HA. You could manually configure your DuckDNS with your static IP address and then Caddy can use the DNS challenge to issue a certificate. That should work pretty simply and easily.

Maybe try: ?

It didn’t work for me but I’m a noob :frowning:

This makes no sense at all

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I also have problems with my public IP, I have a work around it, using VPS server with VPN server installed on it and HA machine connected as VPN client. That way I have access to my HA via VPS public IP address, including SSL, Google assistant, webhooks etc

How you do that ???

It is called CGN (Carrier-Grade NAT)

I know what CGN is. His description of it didn’t make sense.