How to use iframe with non https site

I hae my homeassistant set to https and I want to see a webpage that is not possible to configure as https.
is there a solution?

Only if it is in the same home network and you are accessing HA through its local address.

Keep in mind that the website also needs to allow embedding. Just using https may not be enough.

e.g. My router settings page uses https, my home assistant server is using https but the web page can not be displayed because the router does not allow embedding of its web page. This is to help prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

Having said that you could use a reverse proxy to allow http access on your local network while still using https for remote access.

it is on the same network as homeassistant and it allow embedding… but I use the external ip for my convenience… (dont’ want to change when I am out)
the page is roon rock server

I use LMS (Lyrion Music Server). If you use the HA companion app it will do the switching for you.