How-to Video: Install Hassio in a Virtual Machine

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Made a short video on how I got Hass OS to work in a virtual environment. I hope it helps others as I struggled for ages to get it to work.

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The title of your post is confusing as there are already instructions for setting up Home Assistant (non-Hassio) in a virtual environment. I clicked on the link thinking that it would be something about asking for help on installing Hassbian or HA in a Linux venv.

You should rename it to “How-to Video: Install Hassio in a Virtual Environment” or something similar so it’s obvious in the title what you are talking about.

A virtual environment is a python way of defining releases of packages to use. What does that have to do with hassio?

My mistake, updated title

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Well done.

What problem did you have, doesn’t look any different to the recommended route I used?

Your way of finding the IP address is a bit long winded, far simpler to use Fing on your phone or just look on your router.

The biggest problem is being a noob…:slight_smile: also checking EFI under extended features wasn’t clear, so just wanted to capture how I got it working for others to be able to step through. I must say it certainly runs nice and fast.

Thanks for the video! very useful, left u a comment and thumbs up.

Do you use USB device at all for Zigbee on the virtual machine?

I do, works perfectly but you’ll have to update hassos first as usb passthrough isn’t in the version in the vdmk. Hassio tab > system > update host system.

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I’m having dupe IP address problem. This hassio VM is displaying the IP of my host computer. My opther two VM’s do not do this and they’re all using the same VLAN connection (Hyper-V). Any ideas here?

Issue resolved; I needed to use an external v network.