How to view Aldi Cocoon Camera System in Home Assistant


I have the Aldi Cocoon Camera System which is working fine, just wondering if anyone knows how to view these camera’s with Home Assistant?

did you get any luck, progress on how to enable this?

I had one of these Cocoon systems from aldi and was never able to find any way of getting the streams from the system in to anything usefull.
Also just watch the traffic from the box out to the internet, there is a lot… just didn’t trust it!!!

I ended up with a zoneminder box and some reolink poe cameras. The 410’s are only about $60 each and 5mp they work fine with zoneminder.

I got one of ALDI Cocoon indoor camera. It does NOT come with any default password and only port 6668 is open once it is configured by its Cocoon Connect App.

  1. Tried to fingerprint the 6668/tcp port but there no response.
  2. Tried ONVIF path.

Next I am gonna look into intercept the traffic between the App and camera and see how it received the stream.

This post suggests a weblink to access the rtsp stream, although I’m not sure it applies to your particular camera

Yeah, it is a different or newer model. the setup and App is different. I don’t see any of those mentioned port open. My model seems to have an updated firmware and camera is not detected by common camera Apps either.

I tried to proxy the App traffic but it fails on TLS handshake.

What I found so far is that camera connect to * domain. Make me wonder if this is a Tuya whitelabled camera.