How use Shelly Flood MQTT wihtout lose the Cloud

How transform the Report as GET from Shelly flood to mqtt, and maintain Shelly Cloud without enable MQTT into Shelly flood

  1. First set Shelly flood with the Url of your Node-red Server In my case
    2)Create a webservice in Node-red that broadcast the body as mqtt payload
    3)Set for e.g Home Assistant sensor

That’s it


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at the moment the only way to use the shelly without loose the cloud connectivity is to use the custom component shelly for hass at

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Nice I didn’t know you could do this, very cool.

Is hassIO required? I’m running Hass and HACS only.

Yes on hacs search for ShellyForHass and install it

Thanks very much, I’ll try installing using HACS :slight_smile:

Have you tried the mqtt explorer program? I found it easier to use then setting up HACS.

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